Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is coming....when?????

I just don't understand where the time goes? One minute I looked at the calendar and it was December minute it is December 20th?

Daniel is home from Bible college. We have had some great visits. I cannot believe my baby boy drinks his coffee black.....while mom has to have her cream and sugar in it.
Today we painted the main floor bathroom. It was a learning experience for both of us. Daniel learned you do not roll paint on in a "W"....and you also don't trim "like that." I am thankful for all the times Don showed me how to do it right so I could teach Daniel. The color is must be since we have chosen to paint most of our house in the same color. It is neat to be able to accent with other colors.

And Aryssa....she had her friend Steven over this evening. They watched a movie with Daniel and Cassie. Tonight they are all going skating. I am thankful she is chosing to date in a group setting. He is a very nice young man and we like him!!

Well....another busy day begins....Family gathering tomorrow evening....gotta have my house clean so it passes inspection! LOL.


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