Friday, October 24, 2008

Home last? Well....maybe!

Well...we are back from our very special trip to "Vegas Baby"! It was an adventure for sure! Our flight from here to Denver was uneventful. Denver to Vegas was amazing. I was so surprised at how much we could see from the plane. I mean you are up so high! By the time we landed in Vegas it was dark...well, not really cause Vegas is never dark and never quiet!

We found checked into our room and went for the first of many long walks. We figure we walked from one end of the strip to the other at least 5 times during our stay = sore feet, but no guilt for that extra dessert!

The most annoying thing about Vegas are these people who click these business cards of naked women in front of your face. They promise to have a "girl" to you in less then 20 minutes. I thought Don was going to punch them in the face...they didn't just click these cards in front of was right in your face. Men were collecting these cards like baseball trading cards. We were disgusted.

Thursday we bought another monorail pass ( we weren't right on the strip) and headed back to the strip in daylight. Those irritating "clickers" were still there. As we passed this one lady clicker she looked at us and said God bless you! I wasn't sure what to I figured I'd better just pray for her! What a sad existence.

There are lots of little kiosks with "stuff" for sale. I did buy a purse as the one I had just wasn't practical....especially for walking thru crowds of potential pick pockets. I was rather surprised I could barter with the girl. Got her down from $54 to $35. Nice small purse.

We were getting tired of walking in crowds of people and since we had some coupons for Madame Toussaud's we decided to head into their. What a blast! Matthew Mcconnaughy, George Clooney and Tim McGraw...what more could a girl ask for! And Julia Roberts, Madonna and Jessica Simpson for Don.

More tomorrow......


At October 24, 2008 at 7:30 PM , Blogger Journeying Five said...

Okay I may be slow but I am thinking those are really good life like mannequins!?


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