Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Dinner

Today we are going out with the kids for a celebration dinner. Though I think they have something else up their sleeves. I'm hoping not though as walking into a room full of people is very intimidating...especially when their focus is you.
Cousin Sharon Vanderhooft from Ontario surprised us with a visit this weekend. It has been great to catch up with her after 10 years of not seeing her in person. Today her and I went to the BakeOven to pick up a few things for Thanksgiving dinner. I also bought some yummy cinnamon bread for breakfast tomorrow along with some yummy gouda! Don was excited to open up the bag and see our stash of goodies. I also bought some hagenslag, not sure if that's the correct spelling but it's those chocolate sprinkles our kids love on toast. Especially he was excited to see that he could munch on that for brekky tomorrow. Add one dozen almond tarts and a bag of Wilhemina peppermints...we're set! I'm nervous...Aryssa just called to say I should send her a text when we get to the church.....hmmmmmm!


At October 27, 2008 at 9:57 AM , Blogger Mrbill317 said...

Hi there , could you forward me Sharon's current email address. I only have her old one at the tv station.
You can tell her Bill from NJ asked for it :)
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving up there.


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