Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Post

Well, I thought since I finally had time I should actually post something on my Blog. Time is something I don't usually have much of...but with my darling daughter away....I have time on my hands!

I am missing her much. But I know this will be a time of growing up for her....I guess for me also.

So what have I done. Well I have slept lots! I went to sleep at 7 o'clock 3 nights in a row. We have spent time at the cottage. We have talked lots and made plans for our future. We've prayed for our kids alot too! So far so good.....

Do I dare count down the days till my daughter, my friend is home...not just yet! I want her to enjoy her time with her Auntie Darlene.....

Till then....



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