Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Heaven

On December 23rd my cousin Jimmy went to be Jesus. He was 61 years old. He played along side my dad on an oldtimers hockey team. They played every Tuesday and Thursday morning. My dad is so sad that you are gone. He is worried for your family. You should have had so many more years. You died playing the game you loved so much...and with your skates on! My dad is going to miss you so much!

My cousin Jimmy was the kind of man who made you smile. He always had a comeback for any comment. While some will say the Kullman's are an ornery bunch...I only see a group of people who love their families so very much. They are the people who showed me what family is. They come across as gruff...but under that exterior is a soft teddy bear. Jimmy was my godfather. Might not mean much to some but just a name. But I knew Jim prayed for me. I knew Jim cared about what was up in my life. I loved how he cared for his family. He knew how to have fun. I loved watching him with his Linda. He looked at her with much love. They were indeed a team. I remember my dad telling me that Linda and Jim were going snowboarding...or back packing...and saying they were too old for those kinds of activities. But I admired that they still had so much fun together. You were definitely fulfilling your "bucket list." He loved his kids and always spoke so highly of their work ethic. He loved his grandkids...loved being on the rink with them, or on the lake, or just hanging out.
I am so thankful to know that Jimmy got to spend Christmas in heaven. My heart is sad that you were not here with your family...but God's timing is perfect and I am sure your first Christmas in heaven was amazing!
I will miss you....I love you Jimmy!


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