Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little pain in the ........

Achilles Tendon!

Ha...bet you expected to hear something else...but that's right it's pain in the Achilles Tendon! Yep...Don tore his Achilles Tendon playing baseball last Wednesday evening. He had just hit the ball and took off for first base, bringing in the other three runners, when he felt a pain in the back of his right leg. He said he felt like someone had thrown the bat right at his calf muscle. Being the competitive sort that he is...he brushed off the "diamond dust" and went back to pitch the last inning. And they won...finally.

Don casually called me to let me know his leg didn't feel right and I would need to check it when I got home from Vanessa's Bridal shower. It took one look to realize he had damaged his Achilles. Once we got him upstairs Aryssa and I performed the "Thompson test" on his left leg....good movement, and then his right.....no movement. And might I add...alot of pain. We decided to ice it and head over to Pan Am Sports Clinic first thing in the morning.

The nurse who assessed Don confirmed our assessment and made Don a priority patient to be seen by the Surgeon a.s.a.p. So rather then a 4 -5 hour wait, it was only 2 hours. Dr. Glacken suggested that Don's injury be treated non surgically. Though we have heard varied opinions...Don is glad to not have had to have surgery. From all the research I have done it will be a longer recovery time. But will provide Don with adequate strength again.

So far he has been a good patient. Though I sense he is starting to go a little stir crazy. I am thankful for friends who have provided a wheelchair when crutches just won't do it!!! I am also thankful for the opportunity to pamper him a bit!

So here are some pictures of the patient. Take note of the bruising on his good leg. We were wondering why it was so tired and sore....until we noticed the bruising coming out!!!