Wednesday, July 22, 2009

While you were out!!! Especially for Emilee

What a pleasure it was to work along side Aryssa & Shannon to make over Emilee's room while she was away for a few weeks. Aryssa & I spent the day painting with Shannon. You really get to know people when you can just work along side them!!! Shannon we love you!! Aryssa, you are a super hard worker. I love that you were willing to give up your time with friends to help out. From what I hear Emilee loved her new room.

Not only was I able to help with the painting but I was also able to sew a duvet cover for Emilee's bed. Now for some of you this would be a no brainer. I haven't sewn in a long while, but I love to sew. My friend Marg has graciously shared some of her time with me to just sit beside me and get me going with sewing again. Thank you Marg. I hope that the quilt's will warm someone in Russia....great opportunity to pray for missions while you sew!! Back to the duvet. I have always used a pattern. Shannon gave me Emilee's old duvet to use as an example. The "Lana" in me had to write down the steps so I would be able to have pattern to follow. How funny was it when i realized after cutting, that I had forgotten to fold it so i would only have one bottom seam to sew. Silly me!

I guess having a pattern for sewing is alot like having a guide for living, God's word! When I follow what is in his word the result is a nicely finished project. Maybe I spoke words of encouragement rather then harsh words of discouragement. You get the point!!

Enjoy the pictures of Emilee's room!!


At July 27, 2009 at 12:09 AM , Blogger Aryssa said...

it ended up turning out really good! i love the duvet! (:


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